A Successful Method

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Our method at the Dog Training Academy of South Florida is a Force Free concept that focuses on the dog and owner interacting as a team. It balances the principles of canine behavior with stress management and positive based training principles.

We do NOT use choke/slip chains, pinch/prong or electric collars. No devices are used that hurt animals. We are a positive training company and do not promote harsh training methods in our classes.  Compulsion based training methods break down the dog/ owner relationship, tear down trust between dog and owner and decrease self confidence.  We are not saying you could not see results with that type of training…but WE choose to use current, updated, scientifically proven methods positive training methods that have quick and lasting results.

Trust Us To Train Your Dog

We provide in home one-on-one training for all dogs no matter what breed or age. We also work with rescued and abused dogs, blind and/or deaf dogs and puppies. During the analysis process, the trainer will outline a custom program for your specific dog.

Our approach yields fast results because we engage the owner in the actual training process. The Dog Training Academy of South Florida approach could easily be incorporated in basic commands as well as modification of any kind on behavioral issues. Take a look at some of our upcoming classes or enroll today!

Common problems we work with:

  • Preparing a dog for a new baby
  • Dog fights between two or more dogs living in the same place
  • Canine fears, phobias and anxieties
  • Dog attacking or biting
  • Dogs Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders (OCD)
  • Dogs breaking windows and doors
  • Preparing dog for a long trip on an airplane
  • Dog attacking the groomer or the vet
  • Introducing a dog to a new dog
  • Dog destroying furniture
  • Dog jumping on people
  • Dog running away from home
  • Dog biting children
  • Dog jumping over fences
  • Adult dogs going to the bathroom inside the house
  • Dog fights at dog parks or dog day care establishments
  • Puppy potty training
  • Dogs living in apartments
  • Dogs pulling on leashes which causes owner health problems

Doggy-SuccessContact us for information on any or our programs

Please call us 954-916-8300 or contact us for more information on any of our dog training programs.