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“My 1 year old sheltie has trained with Holly since she was 3 months old. She has learned obedience, agility and became a dog scout with her positive guidance. Also, both my dog and I have been enriched by the knowledge and compassion she exhibits during the training sessions! DTASFL has positive experienced trainers and a wide selection of classes. It is located in a beautiful, new air conditioned setting offering customized training for your dog’s abilities- what a wonderful place for any dog and owner to go!”
-Jan Smoller and “Shammy” the Sheltie


“DTASF is a wonderful place to take your dog for training. They offer a multitude of classes to keep your dog happy and fulfilled. The trainers are top-notch and all training is positive reinforcement. I highly recommend this place for anyone who wants to train their dog and have fun doing so.”
-Sandra Pierce “Jake” the Jack Russell Terrier


“I started training my puppy with Holly 3 1/2 years and have seen a 100% improvement with her. My Sheltie was extremely shy and would always back away when being approached; now she will sit and let people pet her. At DTASFL, all the trainers are great and they offer a very flexible schedule of classes. We are now taking agility classes and my dog loves it !! It is great to train in an A/C indoor facility in South Florida.”
-Ian & Howard Rothenberg “Tami and Jasmine” the Shih tzu’s


“I started training with Leanne 2 yrs ago and she referred me to Holly for agility a little over a year ago. They are both excellent trainers. This facility is indoors and offers a large range of classes (more than I’ve seen anywhere else). I like the flexibility of scheduling classes- so I can find time when I’m free to have the classes especially helpful when I have to go out of town.”
-Tish Gaffeny and “Skye” the Sheltie


“The quality of education is excellent. The variety of classes is amazing. The facility is clean, new, comfortable. Plenty of parking…the prices are affordable. I am super happy and highly recommend everyone to train here with Holly and the company of superb trainers.”
-Gilda Pianelli and “The Boys”


“What a wonderful facility! I know how hot it can be to try to continue with agility training outside during the summer. Thank goodness there is finally a place with Air Conditioning (!) so that we can continue without dealing with the heat, bugs, or rain. With a wide range of classes, and sparkling new equipment, this is the place to bring your dog for training. I started training with Holly 6 years ago and she has proven time and time again to be knowledgeable and a fantastic positive trainer. My Pomeranians love training with her, and always look forward to coming to class. And with the pricing system, and flexibility to choose your classes each week, not only is this a great value, but it keeps the dogs, as well as myself, from getting bored.”
-Sandra Disque Allen and “Fauntleroy and Obie” the Pomeranians


“Experienced trainers that customized the training to the dog’s abilities. Use only positive training methods. Nice indoor facility with all the equipment needed to train in agility, rally and obediance. Best place in Broward County to take your dogs for everything from puppy socialization classes to ractive dog classes and everything inbetween.”
-Janet Nagorski and “Ryder” the Aussie


“This place is GREAT!! I have brought both of my dogs there for different lessons (agility and flyball) and every time is a great experience. The place is super clean – no dog smell or dirt / hair on the floor. The staff is extremely helpful and very nice, and they have supplies you can buy for classes if you run out of your own treats/toys, etc.

The price of the classes and the flexibility is great. If you miss a class – you can make it up, not just lose the session. That is a great improvement over training I have taken before.

Try this place – it is really good!!!”
-Jackie Nole


Holly and her team of trainers are amazing! The Dog Training Academy of South Florida has such a large variety of classes available that I’m sad I can’t sign up for more! Plus, it’s nice to take a break from the heat with the indoor agility training. Would recommend to ANYONE with a dog… Chihuahua to Mastiff, aggressive to lazy. It’s amazing how much you and your dog will learn with the right instruction. A+.
–       Robert Cernuda and “Zeus” the Pit Bull

“We met Holly, owner & head trainer, 4 years ago when we first contacted her for puppy classes after getting Reggie, our first dog. We continued with Intermediate Obedience, Advanced Obedience, CGC testing, Therapy training/testing, Agility, Rally, and most recently Competition Obedience and Animal Actor. When we got Reba, our 2nd dog, it was a natural to add her to the class schedule.

Every class focuses on promoting a strong relationship between you and your dog by using positive clicker based training methods. Watch any of the trainers work with their dogs – you see a teacher successfully using the methods they teach.

4 years later and we still work with her for our dogs continued training and refer people we know and meet to her for advice and training. Probably the best referral for her and the school – people meeting our dogs for the first time constantly talk about how well behaved they are and when asked how we trained them to “be that good” are amazed to learn we have never hit/spanked/ rubbed nose in poop/used choke chains/squirted with water bottles, etc etc etc. After visiting Holly they always tell us thank you for the referral and many are still using Holly today for their training needs.

Take all of that experience, knowledge, and skills, add additional trainers who have the same believe system and experience – put it into an air conditioned building in South Florida and you’ve got “Dog Training Academy of South Florida, Inc” – A SUPERB LOCATION TO TRAIN YOUR DOG WITH POSITIVE RESULTS FOR YOU AND YOUR DOG!
Proud to claim this school & it’s teachers as friends & my dogs’ trainers “
– Cindi and Farren Stone and “Reba and Reggie” Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

“If you want to enjoy a happy, well behaved, well mannered, Dog this is the place to go. The trainers are wonderful, friendly, down to earth, professional and very knowledgeable. They offer a schedule that fits everyone. You have all levels of training from basic obedience to advanced agility and more, even private classes. What appealed to me was the fact that you can start a class at anytime, meaning they don t have start and finish dates every dog is an individual and moves on to the next class when ready, no pressures. Prices for the classes can t be beat. I stated obedience with my dog when he was 5 months old, he has come so far, he loves going to class (me too). I have learned as much as my dog. It is a great experience to learn together and get a better bond with you dog. DTASFL is the best.” – Robin Taylor (Johnny’s Mom)

“The Dog Training Academy of South Florida has been fabulous! My dog has made immense progress during the time he has been in classes. In fact, he has done so well, he is on his way to becoming a therapy dog! Thank you Holly and the rest of the wonderful staff of the Dog Training Academy of South Florida!”  – Jen “Buster’s Mom”

“Dog Training Academy of South Florida is awesome! I have been showing and working with rottweilers for the past 15 years and this is by far the BEST facility I have ever gone to. WHEN i FINISH WITH THE TRAINING WITH hOLLY MY ROTTIE WILL BE MORE THAN READY FOR THE BIG TIME SHOWS! VERY PROFESSIONAL!”
Judy Herrell & the “Rottie Gang”

“I am really enjoying Agility classes with my Rottweiler. I have been wanting to get her involved in this sport for a long time but she is very sensitive to the heat and humidity. Being in an indoor, air-conditioned facility has given us that opportunity. Class schedules are flexible which is great for my work schedule! This is also a great place to practice
obedience and rally in a different environment preparing my dogs for upcoming competitions. All in all a great place to train and meet new people”  – Terri Cannici “Buddy and Lola’s Mom”

“I don’t trust anyone but Holly in training my dog and teaching me how to work with him. She is professional, compassional, smart, fun, patient and my dog is in love with her. I have been working with Holly for since 2008 and will continue to take classes with her to reinforce what my dog has learned and continue to teach him new behaviors. I like her positive reinforcement style of training and have never, ever heard her raise her
voice in frustration at any dog in any of the classes I have attended. I think most of her past clients have stayed with her if they have continued training. Her personality is very energetic and fun. I was very happy when Holly announced she was making the endeavour to open her own Training Academy and I’m sure she will be successful.” – Lori Meckler “Teddy’s Mom”

“We have been training with Holly for 6yrs with our German Shepard. We have taken every class possible and are totaly amazed at the results!! if it wasn’t for her excellant training in Agilty we wouln’t have 2 titles under our belt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we are now taken our other two dogs to classes and are thrilled. The prices are un beleiveable and the flexabilty of times and days of class will fit anyones schedule.”  –  Jen Christie “Missy’s Mom”