Rally-O and Run Thru’s

For Dogs that have taken at least 8 Level 3 Obedience classes (or meet Level 3 criteria).

Does your dog LOVE obedience?  Is he attentive?  Do you like teaching your dog different obedience moves? Do you like fast paced activities?  Rally-O may be your new favorite class!  Strategy is also a big part of this training so be ready for mental stimulation!

We will work on Novice – Excellent Rally-O exercises.  Play games related to Rally-O.  Run Thru’s are included as part of this class (if your dog is ready).  Work on Distractions that may be encountered during a competition.  Go over Rules and Regulations for Rally-O competitions.  We are also working on cleaning up behaviors for Rally and “beating the clock”.

Offered: Wednesday and Sunday.