Dog Obedience Classes

Option 1: Dog Obedience Group Classes

Level 1 Obedience class

Dogs 5 months and up. Each class is 1 hour.Adult-Dogs

ALL dogs need obedience. Not only for our benefit to have a well behaved canine companion but also for your dog’s safety! Obedience doesn’t mean boring…We GUARENTEE you will have FUN in our classes! Are you ready to impress your friends and family with your dogs new skills? We teach basic obedience, a few cute tricks, address behavior problems such as jumping, leash pulling & chewing, play games & work on everyday manners. All dogs should be able to pass their Canine Good Citizen Test to move on to Level 2 Obedience.

$30 per class or purchase our 4, 8 or 12 class package to save $$$!

Level 2 Obedience Class

Dogs who have passed Level 1 Obedience

We knew you would LOVE our Obedience Classes! That’s why you’re back for
more! If you enjoyed learning with your dog and teaching him then you will
REALLY Love Level 2 Obedience! Are you ready for more challenges and more
importantly more FUN!? Curious about starting other activities with your
dog like Agility, Rally-O or Therapy dog work? This class will lead you
there! We will continue to advance your dog on his obedience skills, work
around distractions, teach advanced obedience, distance work and more!

$30 per class or purchase our 4, 8 or 12 class package to save $$$!

Level 3 Obedience Class

Dogs who have passed Level 2 Obedience

Now that you have your neighbors asking “Where did you train your dog?”
It’s time to show up the whole neighborhood…we will up ALL criteria in this
class. Not only will your dog have the ultimate challenges, so will you!
Maybe your even thinking of competing in obedience with your dog (something
that you thought would never happen) is now a reality! This class is held

$30 per class or purchase our 4, 8 or 12 class package to save $$$!

Option 2: Private Instruction

In Home Private Instruction: Lessons are 1 hour, completed in your home and
are tailored to address your concerns and goals.

First Lesson $135

Additional Lessons $85 per lesson

In Facility Private Instruction:

Each lesson is 1 hour and done at our facility

$70 per lesson

Option 3: Mini Board & Train (Dogs over 5 months old)

Offered 1 week each month for dogs over 5 months old. Dogs are dropped off
after 7:30-9am and are picked up between 4:30- 6p.m. Monday thru Friday.
They spend each day with the DTASFL trainers working on basic obedience,
manners, problem behaviors, off leash playtime, potty training and social
skills. The cost for the Mini B&T is $525.00. If you are unable to drop
off/ pick up each day we offer this program with overnight stays for an
additional $75. Space is limited to 5 dogs per week. Payment is required
to reserve space in camp. Call 954-916-8300 for more info.

Program includes:

  • One week of drop off training
  • 1 in facility private lesson
  • 8 group training classes
  • Homework videos starring your dog