Dog Obedience Level 2

For Dogs who have passed Level 1 ObedienceDog-Obedience-Level-2

We knew you would LOVE our Obedience Classes! That’s why your back for more! If you enjoyed learning with your dog and teaching him then you will REALLY Love Level 2 Obedience! Are you ready for more challenges and more importantly more FUN!? Curious about starting other activities with your
dog like Agility, Rally-O or Therapy dog work? This class will lead you there!

What we do: Up the Distractions for all commands, start off leash training, Command Reliability with the commands taught in Level 1 obedience which
include sit, down, wait, walking nicely on a leash, stay, come when called,
leave it and drop it. Socialization Games and activities. Intermediate
Level obedience & tricks. Problem behaviors such as Door Dashing,
Demanding Attention, Barking, Biting/ Nipping, Over Arousal and Jumping on
People are continued in this class.

$30 per lesson or purchase a 4, 8 or 12 class card.