Dog Obedience Level 3

For Dogs who have passed Level 2 Obedience

Dog Obedience Level 3Now that you have your neighbors asking “Where did you train your dog?” It’s time to show up the whole neighborhood…we will up ALL criteria in this class.  Not only will your dog have the ultimate challenges, so will you!   Maybe your even thinking of competing in obedience with your dog (something that you thought would never happen) is now a reality!

What we do: Off leash training, Difficult distractions, Command Reliability with Duration, Distance and Distractions. Teaching Advanced commands such as Front, Finish and Heeling. Socialization Games. Obstacle work. Canine
Good Citizen Testing is also part of this class. Introduction to Competition Obedience and Rally-O. This is a great class for anybody that wants to start competing in Obedience with their dog or wants the ultimate distraction class….oh and did we mention that this is an off leash class?…