Puppy Training

Puppy TrainingFor Puppies 10 weeks up to 16 weeks old.

Do you have a new puppy? Looking for a healthy and fun environment to bring them to? Or maybe you need help with chewing, nipping and manners? What we do:

  • Teach basic obedience such as sit, down, wait, leave it, drop it, look, come, go place & crate
  • Mock Vet exams and Grooming
  • Teach Social Skills
  • Off leash play time
  • Socialization games with other people and dogs
  • Puppy agility for confidence building

Problem behaviors are addressed such as:

  • Nipping/ biting
  • Over arousal
  • Demanding attention
  • Jumping
  • Barking and more

Cost: ONLY $30 per class! Or purchase 6 classes for $85!
Offered: Monday and Wednesday at 6:30p.m, Saturday and Sunday at 12pm. Each class is 1 hour. You make your own schedule. Email [email protected] to request your orientation emails.

*Mini Board & Train (Only Puppies under 5 months)*
Offered 1 week each month for puppies under 20 weeks old. Puppies are
dropped off after 7:30-9am and are picked up between 4:30- 6p.m. Monday
thru Friday. They spend each day with the DTASFL trainers working on basic
obedience, manners, problem behaviors, off leash playtime, potty training
and social skills. The cost for Puppy Mini B&T is $525.00. If you are
unable to drop off/ pick up each day we offer this program with overnight
stays for an additional $75. Space is limited to 5 dogs per week. Payment
is required to reserve space in camp. Call 954-916-8300 for more info.

Program includes:

  1.  One week of drop off training
  2. 1 in facility private lesson
  3. 8 group training classes
  4. Homework videos starring your

Call to enroll your dog in our mini B&T program 954-916-8300

Private Instruction

In Home Private Instruction: Lessons are 1 hour, completed in your home and
are tailored to address your concerns and goals.

First Lesson $135Puppy

Additional Lessons $85 per lesson

In Facility Private Instruction:

Each lesson is 1 hour and done at our facility

$70 per lesson


DTASFL is now a Licensed Operation Socialization School!

We are the ONLY school in Florida with this certification!

Why Choose an OS Trainer?

Highly Qualified Dog Training Professionals

Operation Socialization™ Trainers are a select bunch. They:

Operation Socialization

  • Have at least 3 years of experience helping families like yours.
  • Teach everything from basic to advanced obedience.
    Many also work one-on-one with clients to solve behavior problems.
  • Understand canine learning theory and behavioral science.
  • Adhere to high standards of professionalism and customer service.

Reward-Based Training Methods

OS Trainers use only science-based, humane, and effective training methods (also known as Positive Reinforcement Training).

Socialization is about creating as many positive associations with new experiences as possible for puppies. This can’t be done using outdated methods like force or intimidation. Our trainers never use choke, prong, or shock collars.

For more information about Positive Reinforcement Training visitwww.clickertraining.com andwww.dogstardaily.com.

Continuing Education

Our trainers stay up-to-date on the latest research and methods in the field of animal behavior, and are especially knowledgeable about the best ways to socialize your puppy.
Choosing an OS Certified Trainer™ means securing a knowledgeable, experienced ally for yourself during your puppy’s all-important development stages.

Tailored Socialization

Behavior is not an exact science. What’s more, no two puppies are the same. An experience can be wonderful for one puppy and traumatizing for another. And unless someone realizes this, problems can quickly escalate – or become entrenched.

You want a trainer capable of judging what’s right for your particular puppy. OS trainers have years of experience reading the subtle body cues of hundreds of puppies, and designing socialization programs accordingly.

Access to OS Socialization Success Program

Signing up with an OS Trainer puts the entire Operation Socialization enterprise at your disposal. You won’t find our passports, bandannas, and Socialization Destination Networks anywhere else.