Specialized Dog Training

Level 1 Agility ClassSpecialty-Dog-Training

For dogs that have taken at least 4 Level 1 Obedience classes. Safe for all ages.

Welcome to the most ADDICTING dog sport in history! Agility is a fast paced, fun sport and a great activity for the entire family. Not only does your dog have to complete physical challenges but he must also overcome mental challenges as well. It doesn’t matter if you want to do this for fun as an outlet for your dog’s pent up energy or if you plan on having the next Agility Champion we can help you reach that goal.

Level 2 Agility Class

For dogs that have completed Level 1 agility (or meet Level 1 criteria)

So…it looks like you have decided that you like this “agility thing”…your dog is having a great time(and so are you!) and he is exhausted by the end of class. Maybe competing sounds like a good idea? Or perhaps you enjoy the challenge? Well Level 2 agility looks like the class for you!

Level 3 Agility Class

For dogs that have completed Level 2 agility (or meet Level 2 criteria)

We warned you about this…but it’s happened…you are addicted. You LOVE agility and so does your dog…it was bound to happen! You have seen dogs advancing and perhaps you have even gone to see a live agility competition. That could be you and your dog out there… take the plunge and jump into Level 3 agility!

Dog Tricks Training

For dogs that have completed at least 4 Level 1 obedience classes (or meet Level 1 criteria).

There is no such thing as a “stupid” dog trick…all dog tricks can serve a purpose!  Let’s take “Play Dead” for example…if your dog is ever walking around the woods and encounters a bear he can play dead…this will prevent a bear attack!  Teaching a dog to weave through your legs when your walking increases YOUR balance and coordination and also teaches your dog to avoid being stepped on!  Teaching your dog to crawl will benefit him if he ever becomes a Spy!  All dogs should learn to shake hands with people…it’s the polite thing to do!  So as you can see…tricks are very important!

Animal Actor Training

For Dogs that have completed Level 1 Obedience and have also taken at least 4 trick classes.

Do you think your dog is the next Lassie?  Do you have a Rin Tin Tin living in your home?  Does your Diva Doggie rule your life?  Perhaps you have always wanted to be a “stage mom (or dad)”…If you think your dog has got what it takes to face the camera then this is the class for you!  We will work on complex tricks and obedience to turn your pup into the Doggie Actor we know he can be!  Since our company handles dogs on set, the dogs in this class are FIRST choice for Print ad’s, Commercial and Film work.  This is the ONLY Animal Actor class in Broward and it’s becoming so popular we have had to add extra classes to the schedule!

Rally-O and Run Thru’s

For Dogs that have taken at least 8 Level 3 Obedience classes (or meet Level 3 criteria).

Does your dog LOVE obedience?  Is he attentive?  Do you like teaching your dog different obedience moves? Do you like fast paced activities?  Rally-O may be your new favorite class!  Strategy is also a big part of this training so be ready for mental stimulation!