Reactive Dog Class

Cost: $425 (includes equipment for class, the group course and two (2) in home private Dog-Obedience-Level-1training lessons)

Class Length: 8 weeks (owner must commit to the whole course).

Does your sweet, obedient dog turn into an aggressive crazy pup around other dogs? Is he upset by the sight, sound or smell of other dogs and will bark, growl, lunge, pull or basically demonstrates anything that looks like he wants to beat the other dog up, then this class is for you.  If you want to learn to create a peaceful dog you can enjoy walks with without him turning into Cujo or perhaps bring him out to other public areas without having to worry about him performing his Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde act this may be a great investment.  We have a very high success rate with our students who have taken this class.  Most dogs who behave like this are not “bad”…these issues can be created because of fear issues, training problems or lack of early socialization.

What we do:  Explain and help you Understand Why this happens, You will learn to handle your dog correctly, training exercises to desensitize, behavior modification, overcoming obstacles, trust games and social skills.  The class is broken into two parts: In Home training and group training.   Class sizes are limited to 4 dogs per class and this class is offered 3x per year.  This is the only class on the schedule that is NOT part of the monthly program.

Please ask a trainer for the next available start date.